Friday, January 30, 2009

About the Blogger

Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Regina M. Spurlock. But to my friends, I'm Gina. When I am not completing coursework, I am most likely spending quality time with my T-Mobile Sidekick. Yes, I happen to be an avid texter and aspiring master at instant messenging. And I am probably plugged into my zune or iPod listening to the soulful sounds of Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Alicia Keys, MJB, Lauryn Hill, Common, Nas and many more alike. When watching television, you can bet that I am tuned into BET, Food Network, TLC, or VH1 Soul. I am not sure if I have any Italian ancestry; though it is quite possible, because I love Italian cuisine.
This is my second semester as a freshman at City College. Songwriting and producing music are two things that I really enjoy doing. And thankfully, I am talented in those areas which has afforded me the opportunity of being one of a select group of students in the Sonic Arts Program at CCNY. I have enthusiastically studied all areas of the arts, including theatre arts, dance, and especially music and visual arts. Although I am an intellectual as well, I consider myself to be a creative and imaginative free spirit. I have big dreams, and so far, the journey to realizing them has been challenging, yet rewarding. More than anything, I am thankful for each breath, sight, sound, person, place, thing, moment, and blessing that God enables me to experience in life.

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