Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drill 9: Apr. 28

This twitter assignment was a very interesting one indeed. When Professor Anderson first mentioned Twitter in class on Thursday, I thought back to the first time I heard about it (only a month or so before). I remember thinking, "What nonsense. Such a waste of time. Who is so self absorbed or desperate for attention that they need to constantly broadcast their status?!" I did not intend to get involved in the Twitter craze. So when I was required to create an account and follow people on the website, I was not the least bit excited. However, I was a little curious to see how Twitter works and how it is different from similar status related websites such as MySpace, Facebook, and AOL Instant Messenger.
I found that this application is different in that it has the sole purpose of sending and receiving status updates. Whereas these other websites include user profiles, instant messenging, emailing, and built in applications, such as games and music. When I added the journalism professors and other people that I was assigned to follow, I was immediately intimidated. For one, these people are professional. And primarily, I would not interact with these people (within the world wide web community) of my own desire.
I created the account on Thursday. Initially, I did not read any posts that sparked my interest. Upon my return to Twitter the following day, I was still unable to connect with the posters. I just could not figure out what to comment about. And I was nervous (as I always am) about addressing someone who knows nothing of me. After visiting Twitter on Friday, I totally forgot about it until early Tuesday morning.I was asleep and having my daily early morning subconscious thoughts. And all of a sudden it occured to me that I had been assigned a blog post about my experience with Twitter.
Sadly, I went to class before posting this blog. But in class, I gained some helpful insight from one of my classmates. He found this assignment to be interesting, even enjoyable. He was really interested in what the people he was following had to say. So I figured, maybe if I was following people who talked about things that I am deeply interested in or curious about, I would have a better experience with Twitter. But for this particular assignment, I felt a little lost, confused, and disinterested.

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