Tuesday, March 24, 2009


In Harlem on 8th Avenue and 155th Street, Sabrina finds her residence to be quite convenient.  "I'm close to everything," she says smiling, including CCNY where she studies, subway stations, and the rest of Manhattan.  Even though Sabrina loves the proximity of her block to the rest of New York City, she does not always feel safe.  Even though on her block she is a Bangladeshi among a majority of Blacks and Latinos, she doesn't really feel uncomfortable because of the difference in race.  The guns, violence, and perverts, along with the dirty sidewalks and building are what really irk Sabrina about living in this area.  Even though Sabrina has gone to many parties around her block, she mostly hangs out with friends in Queens and Midtown.  Before living in Harlem, Sabrina, her mom, and her little brother lived on Manhattan's Lower East Side.  And now, her mom is looking for another apartment, in either Queens or the Bronx, to move her two children into.

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